Dwight D. Baumgardner

“I like for my clients to know that they are in good hands and that they can remain focused on their core business functions and not on taxes.  They trust… [more]

Jennifer P. Clingan

“I work hard to understand my clients’ business—from more than just the accounting perspective.  My job isn’t to quote  IRS code, but to make IRS code and complex tax and… [more]

Edmond B. “Ted” Gregory

“I think I’m viewed as an equitable businessman, which is why I’m often called upon as an appraiser and arbitrator. Having spent 15 years as CFO of a daily newspaper… [more]

Kevin R. Hessler

“Businesses and individuals rely on me to structure their comprehensive financial picture. I help clients who want to design tax, business and pension plans that will work to their advantage… [more]

Jon C. Holmes

“My clients view me as their trusted business advisor. My goal is to help them succeed and excel at what they do; communicating with them on a regular basis and… [more]

Jamie Iseminger

“I’m a proponent of efficiency—always looking for ways to get the most out of what we do.  It is important to me to provide my clients with real value, helping… [more]

Tracy M. Noble

“I easily relate to the challenges facing small business clients.  As a CGMA, I know how to help owner-managed businesses operate more effectively.  For companies who need greater oversight of… [more]

Brian E. Rippeon

“I’m a tax specialist. My objective is a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of Federal and State tax codes. My goal is keeping clients’ tax obligations at an absolute minimum… [more]

Eva Webb

“I enjoy working closely with my audit clients, learning the intricacies of their organizations and businesses and providing them with insights and analyses that help them make the most of… [more]

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