Here at LSWG CPAs, we are proud to have served our community for a long, long time. Read about our history and learn more about our dedication!

our history - LSWG CPAs
January 1967 – Ron Shafer and Don Linton enter into a partnership and establish the CPA firm of Linton Shafer & Company.

November 1965:  While serving as Chief Accountant for Frederick County and preparing tax returns and financial statements part-time, Don Linton acquired Lloyd Fogle’s bookkeeping practice.

Full time staff included: Ron Shafer, Jenny Hedges, Kay Rice. Part-time staff included: Don Linton, Jean Whipp, Pete Hedges.

January 1967:  Ron Shafer became partner, so Linton, Shafer & Company was formed.

1968: 6 West Second Street (Frederick) office building acquired.

September 1974: J.Morris Hardy practice and Silver Spring office acquired. (The Linton, Shafer & Company name is still on the building on Georgia Avenue.)

September 1974 – LS Silver Spring office was acquired.

September 1980: Dunbar Ashbury practice acquired; Dunbar Ashbury joins the firm as a partner

June 1990: Hoye, Graves, Bailey & Associates firm is acquired. Bill Graves and Joe McCathran become partners.

January 2005: Linton, Shafer & Company and Warfield Garrett & Associates merge to become Linton Shafer Warfield & Garrett (LSWG)

June 1990 – Linton, Shafer & Company merges with Hoye, Graves, Bailey & Associates. Left to right are: Joe McCathran, Bill Graves, Kathy Lindner, Joe Bell, Tad Olson, and Ron Shafer.

September 2005: LSWG relocates from two downtown offices (6 W. Second Street and 30 W. Patrick Street) to the newly renovated Thomas Johnson Drive Professional Building (201 Thomas Johnson Drive)

September 2010: The Gazette of Politics and Business names LSWG among “the 53 most exceptional businesses in the State of Maryland.”

August 2014: Kevin Hessler and Barbara Roman are named LSWG co-managing principals.

2015: LSWG Celebrates 50th Anniversary!

January 2005 – Linton, Shafer & Company and Warfield Garrett & Associates merge to become LSWG. Heading up the newly merged firm are principals Joe McCathran, Ron Shafer, Kevin Hessler, Doug Warfield, Ed Garrett, and Don Linton.

September 20152017: Frederick News Post readers’ poll names LSWG the best accounting firm in Frederick County for three years in a row.

December 1, 2017: LSWG merges with Frederick firm, Scott Blackburn & Associates, LLC.  Scott Blackburn becomes a partner.

January 1, 2018: LSWG merges with Rockville firm, WN CPAs.  Tracy Noble becomes a partner.

January 22, 2018: LSWG CPAs relocates the Rockville office to the newly renovated office suite (#404) at 1803 Research Boulevard.

June 2018: Don Linton publishes his memoirs chronicling the evolution of LSWG, and capturing his recollections of the Downtown Frederick of his youth and the transformation of the city to the vibrant community it is today.  Click here to read Don Linton – My Journey.

October 2018: For the fourth year in a row, Frederick News Post readers’ poll names LSWG the best accounting firm in Frederick County.

TODAY: LSWG has two offices: The Frederick headquarters at 201 Thomas Johnson Drive, and the Rockville office at 1801 Research Boulevard, Suite 320; and is led by seven principals.

LSWG CPAs in Frederick County, MD
January 2017 – LSWG’s principal group: Eva Webb, Brian Rippeon, Jon Holmes, Barbara Roman, Jennifer Clingan, Ted Gregory, and Kevin Hessler.

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