Stuffing the Bus

The School Bus stopped by LSWG on Wednesday, August 14, to pick up school supplies donated by LSWG principals and staff for the annual Stuff the Bus school supply drive conducted by… [more]

We Ran and We Biked!

LSWG team members were out and about the past couple of weeks actively supporting some very worthy causes. LSWG is proud to not only have sponsored–but also to have participated… [more]

Investing in the Long-Term

Taking time out from the day-to-day role of public accountants, LSWG principals make it a point each year to get together and focus on the business of managing LSWG.  The… [more]

New DC Employer Tax to Begin July 1, 2019

Starting July 1, 2019, the District of Columbia will collect taxes from “covered employers” to fund the Paid Family Leave (PFL) benefit.  Employers must begin recording wages for workers on April 1,… [more]

USPS Mail Scam Alert

Apparently it’s not a new scam, but we have personally heard from several folks who have fallen victim to the USPS Change of Address (mail forwarding) scam. It’s tax time… [more]

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