Women’s Distance Festival – Our Way

Saturday, August 1, 2020 – Not much for running, this year’s LSWG team participating in the virtual Women’s Distance Festival opted for a hike for their 5K.

LSWG managing principal, Barbara Roman, met up with her fellow team members: Cindy McGiffin, Janelle Luckenbaugh (and her daughter, Mallory), and Jeanne Hall near the Tea Room in Gambrill Mountain State Park at 8:30 am Saturday morning.

Getting ready to head out on their hike: Barbara Roman, Jeanne Hall, Mallory and Janelle Luckenbaugh, and Cindy McGiffin

With no set plan in mind, the group decided to take the Green Ash trail after a quick look at the trail map. Full disclosure: It wasn’t a full-on 5K. The Green Ash trail loop is 2.2 miles, but is rated as “moderate,” and provided some pretty challenging hills.

Don’t let this nice level stretch of the trail fool you. It gets pretty steep most places.
Taking a break about half-way. It wasn’t raining. That’s sweat pooled around Jeanne’s eyes.

A good time was had by all (just ask Mallory), and we were all happy to support a good cause: The Women’s Giving Circle of Frederick.

One of the surprises along the trail: This nicely stacked cairn.
Another surprise: This tree growing around a rock–which apparently inspired an artistic hiker.
We were delighted to happen upon this doe and her fawn.
These two guys hiked the same trail. (We were panting like that, too, when we got done.)

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