Tax returns can be more than just a compliance burden when you are in charge of a business. They can be complicated and, if done incorrectly, can lead to an IRS examination. Or, you could be paying more than you are legally obligated to. That’s why you need a partner in your individual tax return prep who not only understands the tax code, but also knows just how much your unique situation can impact your return.

At LSWG, we have decades of experience helping influential business leaders get their tax returns ready for the state and federal deadlines. Our goal is to maximize their deductions while complying with the law. The result is thriving businesses and individual financial stability.

We don’t just wait until the approaching filing deadline to get started. Our team works with you year-round to plan and have things ready to go once the filing window opens up. This helps you get a complete, clear picture of your finances every step of the way so there are fewer surprises each April.

At LSWG, we offer a variety of individual tax return planning and prep services for CEOs, business owners, and shareholders, such as:

  • Tax projections
  • Tax savings maximization
  • Multi-state tax planning
  • Minimizing IRS exposure
  • Ongoing bookkeeping
  • Representation in IRS examinations
  • Real estate deductions
  • Charitable contribution deductions
  • And more!

We are proud to serve Frederick County, Maryland, and the surrounding areas. Get the tax preparation representation you deserve with an experienced team committed to your success.

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