Tax Preparation Services in Germantown, MD

No one loves doing taxes, but with proper preparation, they don’t have to be a yearly nightmare. If you’re not sure where to start in your tax preparation journey, you’re at the right place. At LSWG, we provide professional tax preparation services in Germantown, Maryland. We can help you manage your finances all year long. 

The trick to making taxes less stressful is to keep them on your radar all year long – not just in the spring. With careful planning all year your accounts will already be in order by tax season, saving you a giant headache. 

Our experienced financial advisors work with you to establish clear financial goals and then develop a manageable plan to meet them. We always stay informed on state and federal tax laws, making sure your plan abides by them. This means your taxes are always done by the book, while still maximizing returns.

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At LSWG we provide many services to assist you with taxes in Germantown, Maryland, such as: 

  • Tax projections for businesses and individuals
  • Tax savings for businesses and individuals
  • Year-end corporate or individual tax preparation
  • Quarterly payroll tax preparation
  • Personal property tax return preparation
  • Individual tax return preparation of CEO, owners, or shareholders
  • Incorporation
  • Multi-state tax planning
  • Deferred taxes
  • Minimizing IRS exposure
  • Change of entity or year-round
  • Representation in IRS examinations
  • And more!

We are a locally-owned business proud to serve individuals and businesses in our community. Partner with us today in order to tackle your taxes. Contact us today!

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