Financing, Reorganization, or Liquidation

Your company’s finances aren’t always going to be easy – or positive. Sometimes, economic conditions, bad decisions, or just plain bad luck can leave you scrambling to keep the lights on. This might lead to tough decisions like financing options, reorganization, or liquidation.

With the skilled accounting team from LSWG, you can weather the storm and come out on the other side financially stronger. Our team can help you with all accounting tasks related to soliciting financing, corporate reorganizations, or liquidation. Our goal is to help you preserve as much of your capital as possible.

Working with all your company’s stakeholders, the LSWG team helps identify the causes of your financial distress – not just the results like shrinking cash flow or tumbling sales. Then, we help you develop a plan to right the ship. No matter how big or how small your problems are, our responsive team is available to give you the support you need to get the results you want.

Whether you need a little bit of accounting help or a lot, LSWG has the support you deserve. We are proud to serve Frederick, Maryland, and the Metro DC area, and beyond.

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