If you don’t have a full understanding of the data behind your business, you won’t be able to make the right decisions to help you move forward. But with all the other things you have to do on a daily basis, digging into the data seems like the last possible thing you want to do.

That’s where the audit and assurance team at LSWG can help!

Whether you run a nonprofit or a for-profit business, we offer accurate, clear financial statements that help you gauge your business’ performance.

Our team can help you with a variety of audit and assurance tasks, including:

  • Basic financial statement preparation: For business owners to help them manage their businesses, and may fulfill some lender documentation requirements
  • Compilation: For use by lenders and other outside parties who want to see a business’ association with a CPA
  • Review: Provides lenders and other outside parties with a basic level of assurance on the accuracy of financial statements
  • Audit: Provides investors, creditors, and other outside parties with a high level of comfort on the accuracy of financial statements

The team at LSWG can respond capably to whatever needs you may have, offering you peace of mind knowing your financial house is in order. Call today to discuss our audit and assurance services!

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