MarylandSaves Reminder: Deadline to apply for Personal Property Filing fee waiver is December 1st!


Business Owners – You MUST apply for the exemption EVERY year if you have a qualified retirement plan that is NOT a MarylandSaves plan.

The deadline to apply for the exemption is December 1st.

To receive a waiver of the $300 annual Personal Property filing fee:

  • The business must be registered with Maryland and in good standing.
  • Must have at least one W2 employee (Note: many Maryland LLC’s own only real estate—thus, not eligible for the fee waiver). But Schedule C/self-employed businesses can qualify even if no employees as long as there is retirement plan.
  • The business either participates in the MarylandSaves retirement plan or has another qualified plan. You MUST apply for the exemption every year if you have a qualified plan that is not a MD Saves plan. 

For additional information on the MarylandSaves program and to apply for your fee waiver, please access the MarylandSaves Website.

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