Getting to Know LSWG – Wendy Jones, CPA

Next in our series of better acquainting you with our fellow LSWG co-workers and friends…

Meet Wendy Jones, CPA

Wendy joined LSWG in 1996.  She is a supervisor in our Frederick office specializing in tax, financial statement preparation, and accounting services for LSWG’s small business and government contracting clients.  Wendy and her husband, Chuck—a DC firefighter, are the parents of three:  Andrew, Allison, and Michael.  The past 20 years have been pretty busy for Wendy (work, family, school), but now that the kids are pretty much grown and she has earned her CPA certification, she and Chuck are finding more time to enjoy themselves.

  • US. National Parks. Another LSWG’er with a penchant for America’s national parks, she and Chuck have been to the Great Smoky Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, and have their sights set on Acadia, Olympic, and the U.S. Virgin Islands next.
  • Walkersville UMC.  Wendy is a member of the Walkersville United Methodist Church (and has served as the Church’s treasurer).  Thanks to the “lovely ladies” of the WUMC Shawl Ministry, she has greatly improved her crocheting ability.
  • ASP. Like fellow LSWG’er, David Laramore, Wendy volunteers with the Appalachia Service Project.  Working on a project in Summers County, WV, she learned to hang drywall and install laminate flooring.
  • Baseball and Basketball. Since her number one hobby is no longer studying, she spends a good bit of time catching son Michael’s baseball and basketball games.  Michael is a high school sophomore.  Her two older children have graduated high school; Allison just started college, and Andrew is a rookie firefighter.
  • Pets? …just a rabbit “that has outlived his life span,” and a barn cat that spends his days hanging out indoors with her father-in-law.
  • Minivan to convertible. Wendy has a motorcycle license, but hasn’t ridden in over 20 years.  These days, after driving around in a minivan most of her life, she very much prefers her used (new to her) convertible.
    Wendy was pretty excited to get to tour the White House earlier this year and get this photo of her and Chuck in front of one of the Christmas trees.
Wendy thought her nieces would love these sparkling pink and purple “princess shawls” she crocheted, but was surprised when one announced, “I’m Batman,” and they all decided the shawls were superhero capes.
Wendy and Chuck visited Yellowstone last year.

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