Getting to Know LSWG – Steven Eader, CPA

Next in our series to better acquaint you with our fellow LSWG co-workers and friends…

Meet Steven Eader, CPA

Steven joined the LSWG family on December 1 of this year when LSWG merged with Scott Blackburn & Associates (where Steven has worked since 2014).  Steven is a supervisor in LSWG’s Frederick office specializing in attest and assurance services, working with clients in government contracting, construction, and real estate and land development.  Steven is also a graduate of the Army’s Infantry and Air Assault Schools and has been in the Army National Guard for 8 years, during which time he has been deployed to the Sinai Peninsula and to Baltimore during the 2015 riots there.

When we asked Steven what he likes to do in his free time, he told us his number one preference is to “spend every possible second with my son.”

  • Dawson – Steven’s son and his “everything” is two years-old and (fortunately for Steven) a “Daddy’s boy” who likes to do whatever Daddy’s doing.
  • What is Daddy Doing?  Golfing, hunting, driving/repairing/upgrading his radio-controlled car (which can travel at a speed of 70+ mph), watching football and hockey, snowboarding, scuba diving, sky diving…  (Daddy is a self-professed 100% Type A personality)
  • Soldier of the Year –While deployed overseas Steven competed in and won “Soldier of the Year” recognition among a brigade of over 2,500 soldiers. Competitive events included marksmanship, physical fitness, day and night land navigation, and a review board of five sergeant majors.
  • Favorite Army Training – While serving with the Army National Guard, Steven attended Air Assault School where he spent two weeks jumping out of an aircraft–rappelling from UH-60 Blackhawks from a height of 90 to 130 feet.
  • Golf – Steven just started playing golf a couple of years ago. In keeping with his Type A-ness, he has set himself a goal of shooting in the 70’s.  He’s confident he can lower his 80 and 90-stroke scores and reach his goal with determination and positivity, because as he says, “a bad attitude is worse than a bad swing.”

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