Getting to Know LSWG – Marcia Fortunato

Next in our series to better acquaint you with our fellow LSWG co-workers and friends…

Meet Marcia Fortunato

Marcia is an administrative assistant in our Frederick office and has been with LSWG since 2011.  She is the go-to person for tax organizers and assembly of tax returns, quarterly estimates, and financial deliverables.

Marcia has been working in the tax industry for 17 years and while she said it’s quite the workout keeping up with LSWG tax preparers, it makes the winter months go by fast.

  • Speaking of a workout… Exercise is one of Marcia’s favorite pastimes.  She takes a 4-mile walk around Baker Park three days a week and has been teaching a “DJ-ersize” class and resistance training class at Frederick City’s William Talley Rec Center for the past 18 years.
  • “DJ-ersize”? A dance and aerobic workout Marcia created and teaches two nights a week that gets her participants singing and dancing to everything from rock-and-roll oldies to today’s hits.
  • Not a fan of winter. Marcia attributes the long winters of her childhood in western Pennsylvania for her preference of summer over winter.  She was born and raised in Indiana.
  • Was that Pennsylvania or Indiana? Indiana, Pennsylvania is where Marcia was born and raised (home to Indiana University of Pennsylvania and movie star Jimmy Stewart).  In 1990 the company she was working with transferred her to Frederick.
  • Would rather be… on the beach. Growing up in Pennsylvania, it was the Jersey shore that she looked forward to every summer. She loved the beach so much that several years ago she bought into a condo in Ocean City where she loves spending time with good friends.  “I like to share the special things in life that are precious to me,” she said.
    Marcia enjoys relaxing on the balcony of her condo–watching dolphins swim by and listening to the music from the tiki bar below.
    Marcia choreographs the routines for her DJ-ersize class and loves that the sometimes “torturous” moves provide everyone a good workout while singing, dancing, and laughing.

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