Getting to Know LSWG – Ethni Mullaney

Next in our series to better acquaint you with our fellow LSWG co-workers and friends…

Meet Ethni H. Mullaney, CPA

Ethni joined LSWG in 2000.  A supervisor in LSWG’s Frederick office, she is a tax preparation specialist and is especially adept at preparing returns for individuals, estates and trusts.  She also assists clients with the administration of their pension plans.

Ethni and her husband, Mike, keep busy with three children:  Keegan, Kiley, and Carson.  So what does a mother of three enjoy in her spare time?

  • Shopping – Ethni’s “number one” hobby. Some may find it tiresome, but Ethni is more than just a shopping enthusiast, she’s a fierce competitor.  Need to find the best deal?   Ask Ethni.
  • Baking – Ethni loves to bake.  She likes to cook, but is definitely more passionate about baking. Her favorite ingredient:  Jif peanut butter. According to her husband, at every party “there is always too much food.”
  • Travel – Ethni is a meticulous vacation planner and loves to travel; but with so many places she has yet to see in the U.S., she is not interested in foreign travel. Although she has her favorite places, she is always on the lookout for a new vacation spot.
  • Swimming – Though she can’t remember when she learned to swim, her favorite childhood memories are of swimming around in the backyard or at the beach.  While in high school she was on the Frederick High School swim team and the summer Hood College Hammerheads team.  These days she enjoys the pool at Mount St. Mary’s University.
  • Relaxing while watching movies or shows- Ethni enjoys movies and TV shows.  While she couldn’t name a favorite, she enjoys most action, adventure, science fiction or dramas, and is very happy that her children are at the age where they can enjoy most of the same shows she enjoys.
  • “Ethni”? – Ethni was named after a character in the 1977 movie Four Feathers. Even with her love of movies, she has never seen Four Feathers–not even the remake.
Although Ethni tries to visit different places each time she travels, Hilton Head Island (where this photo of Keegan, Kiley, and Carson was taken) is one of her favorite places and she doesn’t object to return visits.
An avid swimmer, Ethni loves spending time in and on the the water. Family vacations are typically planned around the proximity of nearby oceans, lakes, rivers, pools, or waterparks.

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