Jennifer Clingan – Getting to Know LSWG

Next in our series of better acquainting you with our fellow LSWG co-workers and friends…

Meet Jennifer P. Clingan, CPA

A principal in our Frederick office, Jennifer joined LSWG in 2002.  Around the office, she especially enjoys working with new business ventures and she specializes in estate and trust tax issues.

When not in the office Jennifer likes to…

  • Hike.  Something she enjoyed growing up (when she would cut class at Churchill High School to hike the Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls), has turned into a true passion.  Last month she spent 6 days hiking 118 km of the Camino de Santiago.   She has a personal goal of hiking the entire 800 km of the Camino (the “French way”—through the Pyrenees)
  • Eat.  Okay, she likes to eat when in the office, too.  Fortunately for her waist, her love of hiking trumps her love of eating—just barely.  Her favorite food:  Pizza.

Other favorites:

  • Her kids. Twins, Nicholas and Hannah (sophomores at the University of Mary Washington and Salisbury University, respectively).
  • Her dogs. Max and Hershey (chocolate lab brothers—also twins)
    Moved beyond words by everything she experienced on the Camino–including this eucalyptus forest near Arzua–Jennifer said, “Until you’ve done it, you don’t get it.”
  • Giraffes.  Just because…  (Have you seen her office?)
  • Favorite quote: “Live the life you want to remember.”  — She saw this quote along the El Camino.
Jennifer has 3 siblings–a “big fat Greek-style” family. Left to right are Mikey, Julie, Jenny, and Michelle. Jenny is the third born.
Jennifer’s kids (Nicholas and Hannah) aren’t kids any more.
Jennifer’s favorite food is pizza. Ask her why we don’t put her in charge of ordering pizza for the office.

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