Angela Murphy, CPA – Getting to Know LSWG

Next in our series to better acquaint you with our fellow LSWG co-workers and friends…

Meet Angela Murphy

Angela joined LSWG in 2005 and is a supervisor in our Frederick office.  She specializes in accounting, tax, and financial statements for closely-held businesses and their owners.  She also heads up LSWG’s social media presence and is the firm’s resident Twitter advocate.

In addition to being the proud parents of two rescue cats, Alex and Cammi, Angela, and her husband, Doug, are also serious Halloween enthusiasts, going all out with the craziness each year at their home where…

  • Skeletons scale the house
  • Dismembered legs kick frantically from beneath their lawnmower
  • Ghosts float through the air, rising from the graveyard “planted” in the yard
  • Monsters shake the shrubs as Jason, ghosts, zombies, and werewolves appear in the windows of the house
  • Quite the reputation has been earned by the Murphy’s with Doug blending himself into the scenery each year to surprise unsuspecting older trick-or-treaters and parents. Neighborhood kids show up during daylight hours and have been overheard reassuring themselves with, “See, it’s not THAT scary.”

When not getting ready for Halloween, Angela enjoys…

  • Ice Hockey. Angela’s favorite sport, number one hobby, and central to a key bucket list item.  Though she played basketball and ran track in high school, Angela, who is an avid fan of the Capitals, has taken skating and ice hockey lessons and is in her second season on a co-ed team (the Shamrocks) and was recently invited to play with Frederick’s women’s ice hockey travel team, the Firestorm.
  • Bucket list. Ice hockey is also central to one of Angela’s bucket list items:  to see a NHL game in every active NHL rink.  Just 5 of the current 31 rinks remain on her list:  Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Anaheim, and Philadelphia (after she catches games in Vegas and Phoenix later this year).

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