Your business finances are important to your overall success. Why worry that you’re doing something wrong by tackling this task yourself? Instead, trust LSWG! Our business advisors have spent decades building a reputation for exceptional accounting services throughout Myersville, Maryland.

We offer a full slate of financial services to our clients, including:

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Tax Planning & Preparation near Myersville, MD

Tax season may only come once a year, but the secret to a smooth, easy tax preparation season is to continually think about next year. Don’t leave everything – making calculations, gathering paperwork, and filling in forms – until the last minute!

At LSWG, we believe the best tax preparation requires year-round planning and preparation. Frequent conversations throughout the year help you get the most out of your money and put you in a great position to quickly file your taxes once the time arrives.

We offer a full suite of tax planning and preparation services, including:

  • Year-end corporate or individual tax preparation
  • Individual tax return preparation of CEO, owner, or shareholders
  • Quarterly payroll tax preparation
  • Personal property tax return preparation
  • Tax projections for business and individuals
  • Tax savings for business and individuals
  • Incorporation
  • Multi-state tax planning
  • Change of entity or year-end
  • Deferred taxes
  • Minimizing IRS exposure
  • And much more!

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Business Consulting & Valuation near Myersville, MD

You want your business to be successful, but you can’t do it all alone.

At LSWG, our business advisors offer professional consulting and valuation services in Myersville, MD. We allow you to see where your business stands right now so you can plan for the future.

Our business consulting services include:

  • Entrepreneurial consulting
  • Strategic planning
  • General business planning & budgeting
  • Management & operations reviews
  • Choice of business entity
  • Business succession planning
  • Profit improvement studies
  • Buy/Sell agreements
  • Financing, reorganization, or liquidation
  • Merger or acquisition review
  • Litigation support
  • Business, estate, & gift valuation

Let us help your business thrive – Call LSWG today!

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