Tax Planning & Preparation

At LSWG, our tax planning & preparation services include business and individual tax return preparation, business and individual tax planning, selection of business entity, and administering IRS examinations.TaxPlanningguide2016

We do what you expect: provide timely, expert tax preparation and planning. And perhaps what you don’t expect: seek solutions for looming tax liabilities and burdens — before they are problems.

  • Tax Preparation
    • Year-end corporate or individual tax preparation
    • Individual tax return of chief executive officer, owner or shareholders
    • Quarterly payroll tax preparation
    • Personal property tax return preparation
  • Tax Planning
    • Tax projections for businesses and individuals
    • Tax savings for businesses and individuals
  • Incorporation
  • Multi-state taxation
  • Change of entity or year-end
  • Deferred taxes
  • Minimizing Internal Revenue Service exposure
  • Representing you in IRS examinations